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Sunday Thoughts from Our Pastors

Church. Christian is not a philosophical system nor is it a purely moral system


electric guitars. Understanding the many systems contained within a … interconnected system of … and comparing and contrasting systems internationally. The middle school will

Alumni Spotlight: Fouad Ayoub (Class of 2017)

by promoting the principles of FIRST and STEM at our school’s open houses and club fairs. … and devotion to STEM will continue as he accomplishes great

Sunday Thoughts from Our Pastors

Fr. Justin, Our Lady of the Presentation
new shoots begin to pop up from a root system that I assumed was dead. We think of the

Mary of Nazareth School launches innovative lab to encourage creative problem solving and hands-on learning

The highly regarded STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) program has branched out and built up STEAM in recent years as it expanded at some schools to include the arts in the mix. But now at Mary of Nazareth School in Darnestown, it’s full STREAM…
The highly regarded STEM

Why STEM Education Matters

STEM and health care jobs are some of the fastest growing roles in the US. Home health aides, statisticians, solar-panel installers and software developers are among the 15 fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. and reflect the needs of an aging populati…
STEM and health care jobs are some of the fastest … responsible for installing systems on roofs or other

Technologies for K-12 Classrooms

Today's learning environment is much different from ever before, mostly because of increasing technology making its way into the classroom. While modern technology is a must for most K-12 classrooms, it is also important to consider which products and too…
Collaboration Learning management systems and mobile devices helps lead the next … Teachers around the world use these systems to help engage their students in a manner


and patience as we transition to the new system. School Celebrations and Activities

Parent Resources

hour video security system. Rediker PlusPortals Tutorial … system.  If a closing or delay occurs on a day when


hour video security system. How long is the school

Educational Technology

in writing workshops. Security System and Safety … hour video security system. IT Capability

Board of Directors

expenses. Create strategies for the systematic increase of participation levels and … and systems to include short and

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