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Health Room


Important signs of illness are: temperature 100 degrees or greater, nausea/vomiting, stomachache, diarrhea, pale or flushed face, headache, cough, earache, thick discharge from nose, sore throat, rash or skin infection, red or pink eyes, loss of appetite and decreased energy level. Student should be fever free for 24 hours (without taking tylenol or ibuprofen) before returning to school. 


If your child needs to take medication at school (daily or “as needed”), please complete and sign the Student Medication Authorization Form and have it signed by your pediatrician. This includes prescription and “over the counter” medications.

All medicine must be dispensed by the nurse at school. Please do not send medication to school with children in their backpacks! The medication needs to be carried into the school by an adult. If a child is beginning a new medication, please give the first dose of the medication at home to make sure the child does not experience any unusual reaction.

Immunization Policy

All students at Mary of Nazareth School must be fully immunized in accordance with the requirements of the state of Maryland. It is the policy of the Archdiocese of Washington that there are no exemptions permitted. If your child has a medical contraindication to being immunized to a contagious disease, it should be documented by a physician and a temporary exemption will be permitted.

Two (2) immunization forms are REQUIRED for the student to attend school: Archdiocese of Washington Policy Acknowledgement (Form 3) AND Maryland Immunization Certificate (adapted for use by the Archdiocese)

Physical Assessment & Health Evaluation Requirements

Each student admitted to Mary of Nazareth must provide a current Health Assessment and Evaluation completed by a parent/guardian in addition to the child's physician. This information will be requested again when the student enters 6th grade.

Allergy Information and Forms

There are several children in our school with allergies, including nut/peanut allergies. Please contact the school nurse if you have questions regarding your child’s classroom or if your child is newly diagnosed with a food allergy.

Peanut Free Snack Suggestions

MoN Parent Worksheet for Severe Allergies

Allergy Agreement Plan and Order Form

Family Food Allergy Health History

Lice Policy

Parents will be called if student has lice. Student does not have to leave school until the end of the day, however, must submit proof of approved home or professional treatment and be re-checked by the school nurse before returning to class. A second treatment within 7-10 days is highly recommended. 

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