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Our Stories

Collective experiences shared among the Mary of Nazareth School community are what make ours an outstanding environment for children to learn and grow. Here’s what our families want you to know about our school:

Mary of Nazareth School is one of a kind. The teachers are outstanding, responsive and caring, and led by a highly committed Principal and Vice Principal. My kids always talk excitedly about their teachers and how much fun they had at school. We could not ask for a better environment for our kids, which fosters creativity, instills values, and offers tailored curricula. Choosing the right environment for our most precious ones was a heavy decision for us - Mary of Nazareth no only matched our expectations; it indeed surpassed them. Kudos to Mary of Nazareth.

    The Araj Family

Our family decided to attend Mary of Nazareth after considering several educational options for our daughters. We were drawn to the school by the amazing facilities, the knowledgeable teachers, and the friendly staff. We also wanted our children to learn, understand, and embrace the tenets of the Catholic faith, which the school and its community deliver on each day. In fact, the community is the reason we so strongly embrace and enjoy Mary of Nazareth, as it reminds us of the community of our childhood: where we knew everyone, we played together, everyone looked out for everyone else, we celebrated the joyous times together, and of course lifted up and supported each other during the sorrowful moments. We experience that same community now at Mary of Nazareth Catholic School. 

The Beucher Family

The most important gift we give our children is the foundation of faith, and there is no better place than Mary of Nazareth Catholic School. We feel that MoN is an extension of our home environment and are so blessed to be a part of this family. Thank you Mary of Nazareth! 

The Chamoun Family

Our family is so thankful for Mary of Nazareth School and its role in our daughter's life.  Having just finished kindergarten, she has been accepted for who she is and feels like a valued member of the Mary of Nazareth community as a whole.  She is surrounded by teachers who excel at teaching academically but also lead by example - being kind, respectful, and always trying their best.  The Mary of Nazareth students and families have been so welcoming and helpful to us as a new family at the school.  We are confident that the lessons she learns in the coming years at Mary of Nazareth School will help her be a good student and a compassionate person.  It is a special place full of special people.

The Cruz Family

Enrolling our children at Mary of Nazareth was the best decision our family has ever made because we are part of the most close knit, supportive, and friendly community.  Our boys have made amazing friends, have been challenged in the classroom, and have been lead closer to God and their Catholic faith.  Whether it's the small reading and math groups individualizing instruction for our children, the plethora of specials such as art, music, PE, computers, and library, or even the opportunity for our boys to play CYO sports with their peers while continuing to build those relationships outside the classroom, MoN has it all.  We feel truly blessed to belong to this school and community.

The Essig Family

We have been so blessed to be part of the Mary of Nazareth family for 18 years. Our four children have been fortunate to experience the love, compassion and academic excellence offered by the talented teachers, staff and administration of this wonderful school."

The Feeney Family

Our family came to Mary of Nazareth in the middle of last year after a disappointing experience with our local public school. From the moment we first visited MoN, we were overwhelmed with kindness and warm welcomes. Finding MoN has been one of our greatest blessings. We can't wait for our youngest child to start kindergarten this coming year at MoN. In addition to the vast academic resources at MoN, we are so impressed with the importance placed on shaping each child's character. My children are receiving the best education and they are also learning how to be great citizens of our society. I could go on and on about how wonderful MoN is, and we're so glad we stumbled upon this "gem in the country."

The Keith Family

Joining the Mary of Nazareth family has been one of the best decisions we have made for our three children.  Mary of Nazareth is providing a quality educational experience that is enhanced with God's presence. Our family has been blessed with the opportunity to form many friendships. It is a nurturing community of faith that provides support and allows us to support each other on parenting, faith, and other areas of life. It also provides a good Catholic Education in a safe environment.

The Maffeo Family

The past four years at MoN have been nothing but spectacular for our two kids; they adore the school and the faculty members.

The Nwakibu Family

When we toured Mary of Nazareth, we were immediately impressed by the beautiful campus! There were acres of green space for children ti play, woods for exploring nature, and a fantastic gymnasium. The school seemed large enough to allow room for growth while still providing a personalized experience. The academics, amenities, and faith-based curriculum made Mary of Nazareth an easy decision!

            The O'Brien Family

We love sending our children to Mary of Nazareth every day because the school creates a wonderful environment for our children to learn and grow. Not only do they receive an exceptional academic education but an excellent all around foundation that prepares them for the future. Both are very blessed to have great teachers who are positive, kind and caring with a true desire to see our children do their best and become loving and respectful people. Our children are very happy and thriving at MoN. Learning has become a JOY and they look forward to go to school every day.

The Phommachanh Family

As parents of 4 sons at Mary of Nazareth School (1 currently and 3 graduates), we love that boys can be boys at MoN and are expected to be gentlemen, too. We love that the environment is nurturing but disciplined with a healthy dose of fun.  MoN has been an integral part of our family for the past 11 years.  We are looking forward to 5 more great years!

The Scherer Family

Enrolling our three boys at Mary of Nazareth School was the best decision we made because it gave them a great foundation academically, spiritually, and athletically to build upon. Over the ten years we’ve been at the school, our boys have grown into well-rounded young men and have formed friendships that last beyond their time at Mary of Nazareth. They’ve had incredible opportunities to grow and learn in ways that public schools do not offer. Higher level academics and competitive athletics in a variety of sports, all done in a spiritual environment, are just a few of the opportunities provided to our boys. 

The Vassallo Family

Enrolling our children at Mary of Nazareth was a great decision which has allowed our children to thrive at school, while strengthening their faith.  In addition to continuing to grow academically, they have developed great friendships and have had opportunities to participate in a range of activities, including soccer, basketball, horseback riding, and girl scouts.  All of this while learning how to live lives of service in a community of shared values.

The Weyer Family

We believe that sending our children to Mary of Nazareth was the best decision we ever made.  We were asked many times why we did not send them to public school since Montgomery County has the best schools in the nation and we would say because Mary of Nazareth gives our children more than an education.  My children feel safe and protected when they are at school.  The teachers truly love my children and take care of them like we would. They teach them to take pride in their work, their appearance and their relationship with others and God.  They reward them for kindness, enthusiasm, sportsmanship and leadership.  They are my “village” and I could not be prouder to say that my children go to Mary of Nazareth.

The Zamora Family

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