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Anderson Harlor: Essay on Generosity

God is generous in many ways, but what He is most generous with is His love. Many people do not realize that no matter what they do, God still loves them. In fact, there is nothing that we have to do to receive God’s love except open our hearts to Him. God’s generous love for us is eternal and it is set before we are born. Even if there are times in people's lives when they may not love God, He still loves them. He gives His love freely. That is the unconditional love and generosity that truly makes God magnificent. His love is omnipresent and has no limits.

As an example, Adam and Eve made a huge mistake that most people would never forgive. God is not most people. God could have banished humanity to hell or destroyed the world. God could have punished Adam and Eve in a way that caged them with no way out. God did not do any of those things. Instead, God loved them, forgave them, and offered a path to salvation. I know God is super generous to me because He always loves me, forgives me, and saves me.

There is a lot of evidence that God and Jesus have given freely to us, even though we may not always deserve it. God created us, gave us parents and gives us opportunities to learn and grow. He gives us a safe environment to live in and a great school. Most importantly, He gave us His only Son just so we could have our salvation.

Like God His father, Jesus gave all He had. Jesus performed miracles not seeking praise or fame, but simply because He was generous and loving. For example, a bride and groom in Cana ran out out of wine at their wedding feast. Jesus generously made more wine from just water (John 2:1-12). In another example, Jarius, a synagogue leader, came up to Jesus and told him his daughter was dying.  He asked Jesus to come help her. When they got to his house, his daughter had already died. Jesus found a way to bring her back to life, and the people in the room rejoiced (Matthew 9:18-26). As a third example, a man with leprosy approached Jesus and said, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.” Jesus said He was willing and He said “Be clean.” and immediately the man was cleansed of leprosy (Mark 1:40-45). Jesus did all these things not for fame but, because He and God are the epitome of generosity.

We know people can be selfish. Throughout history and today we hear about all the bad things. Sometimes, people can imitate the generosity of God in such a miraculous way that really makes the world a better place. One of those people is Mother Teresa. Like Jesus, she did many charitable deeds in Calcutta, India. She did not do these things for fame, but because she was a generous person. She helped the poor in any way she could. This included feeding them, caring for them when they were sick, or just holding their hands. She established the Missionary of Charities, which is a non-profit organization that provides aid to the needy and helpless. She started a group of orphanages. When she was dying and people where trying to get her to a hospital, she refused. Instead she helped the poor until she couldn’t anymore. She cared about their lives more than hers. She put all others before herself. She lived the definition of generosity.

My grandparents, like Mother Teresa, are very generous. They lived in India for a part of their lives. They moved to America when my grandma qualified for a nursing job in America. They left their homes, their families, the food they ate, and their friends just so their future kids could have a better life. They are generous with their time and never ask for anything in return. When we need something, they will drop everything and come to our aid. When my family lived on the West Coast my dad got sick. They came from New York to help us out because I was 2 and my sister was a newborn. They recently visited us for my sister’s birthday, but when she got sick they stayed and took care of her. They were supposed to return to New York, but they gave their time and effort for my sister. God has been generous to me by letting me have them as my grandparents.

I can be generous like Mother Teresa and my grandparents. I can show generosity with forgiveness. Instead of holding a grudge, I can forgive my sister, Elsa, or my classmates. God has blessed me with skills in certain subjects, so my parents and I have talked about being generous with my time and tutoring other kids. I achieved my goal of getting my Black Belt last year. I’m thinking about using this achievement to do something for charity. Another way I am generous is by helping family without being asked. As an example, my sister was complaining about the weight of her ski poles, so I walked over and carried them for her. I want to do all these things because I see how important it is to be generous.


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