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Technologies for K-12 Classrooms

Today's learning environment is much different from ever before, mostly because of increasing technology making its way into the classroom. While modern technology is a must for most K-12 classrooms, it is also important to consider which products and tools will be the most effective based on a particular educational need.

Interactive Collaboration

Learning management systems and mobile devices helps lead the next generation into the modern technological age, while still teaching students the basic skills necessary to grow as an individual. Although 21st century learning continues to change and evolve, choosing the best tools and programs for students and teachers comes with a number of important factors to consider. The good news is that the vast selection of resources available today makes it possible to teach students in ways that suit individual needs.

Popular Tools

When it comes to finding the best tools to help students learn, there is certainly no shortage of products available on the market. However, some have proven effective and have become popular among students and teachers alike. These tools include the following:

  • Projectors designed to transform any flat surface into an interactive learning environment.

  • Google Chromebooks that are automatically kept up to date and make learning easy and fun.

  • iPads designed to provide a single platform for all school-related activities.

  • Interactive whiteboard systems, such as Promethean Boards and Smart Boards. Teachers around the world use these systems to help engage their students in a manner that will help them learn.

Popular Programs

The wide range of tools available to parents, teachers and students continues to inspire software developers to design and create programs that can help students at every academic level learn to the best of their ability. Although there is a vast selection of programs available to students, an individual's grade or academic abilities do play a significant role in what programs may be the right fit. A few of the more popular programs include the following:

  • Google Drive, which enables users to share data and make changes that will show up in real time.

  • Virtual learning programs that allow teachers to provide virtual lectures, screen casting, discussion boards and blogs to students regardless of their specific location.

  • Mobile applications provide an additional resource for students and teachers to communicate with one another. Some mobile apps (such as Math Ninja, Stack the States and Monster Physics) even enable students to play learning games designed to improve their knowledge and skills in a particular area of study.

Additional Resources

Tablets, lecture capture tools and document cameras are all technologically advanced tools that serve teachers and students by providing a more versatile and user-friendly learning environment. Many classrooms rely on products like AMX ResQ to provide an enhanced classroom and school-wide communication system. These products also help educators establish and maintain a safer learning environment for students.

Whether you are a teacher, parent or student, it is important to understand the many technologies for K-12 classrooms that exist primarily to improve the educational experiences of students and teachers around the world. From interactive collaboration to extra security measures, modern technology in the classroom is an essential component to creating a successful learning environment.


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