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Student Spotlight: Maria Ayoub

I have attended Mary of Nazareth School since kindergarten. I have an older brother who graduated MoN in 2017, and a younger brother that is in the sixth grade. My favorite subject is definitely math, I enjoy playing basketball for the Mustangs and playing flute for the MoN band.

I created a program called Food Allergy Control Program and decided to create this program because I, like many others, suffer from food allergies. This program provides a safe way for students with food allergies to eat from the hot lunch menu without worrying about having an allergic reaction. In the process, I want to raise awareness of the effects of food allergies. In the program, you can access all the meals and foods a certain student is allergic to.  This includes all of the ingredients in each food, not only in the hot lunch menu, but in the snacks teachers or parents bring for classroom parties.

When I grow up, I would love to go into the science and research field. I want to find cures for the fatal diseases people suffer from, including finding a cure for food allergies, and through that, make a difference in this world. I loved creating the Food Allergy Control Program and I learned so much about food allergies and programming. I am very thrilled to have received a copyright for this program, and I am looking forward to deploying it at Mary of Nazareth School and improving the lives of students with food allergies.


Maria Ayoub, 8th Grader, at 2018 Science Fair
Maria Ayoub, 8th Grader, at 2018 Science Fair
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