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“A smile is the universal welcome” (Max Eastman) and the first ACTion in our year of Virtues in ACTion initiative at Mary of Nazareth School. The goal of the Virtues in ACTion initiative is to remind us that virtues don’t have to be demonstrated through grand gestures, but everyday acts like smiling can demonstrate the virtues as well! Smiling demonstrates dignity for another person. A smile can help to make someone feel welcome, respected and included in the community. We want our students to know that an ACTion as simple as a small can have a big impact! 

When faculty and staff returned from the summer break to set up their classrooms, review lesson plans, decorate bulletin boards and finalize schedules, they were greeted with a smile, actually 46 smiles! A bulletin board in our front hall was adorned with a picture of each facility and staff member smiling with the caption of what makes them smile. “Spending time with my family at the beach”, “Driving across the country with my friend” and holding my new baby granddaughter”, are just a few of the things that make members of our faculty and staff smile. 


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