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Silver Linings During the Pandemic: Anderson Harlor

Silver Linings- Even in The Pandemic
By: Anderson Harlor (Class of 2021, SGA President)

Recently, we crossed the one-year anniversary of the pandemic. Many people stopped and reflected on their experiences. I did too. One common theme persisted among all people; it was
hard. It’s still hard. Yet, another theme emerged. People found silver linings, positive things that they would not have found otherwise.
My family and I talked about our silver linings and the importance of a positive mindset especially when things are grim. It dawned on me that staying positive even when some people
said that there is no joy to be found in the pandemic was powerful. The truth is, there is joy to be found in the pandemic. We just have to look for it in unconventional ways. I know my school and my fellow classmates have tried very hard to make the best out of this
difficult time. The effort we displayed deserved to be commemorated and celebrated. We are so lucky at Mary of Nazareth to have such receptive teachers and a great principal who are open to
working with students to bring their ideas to fruition. That is why I approached our guidance counselor and principal about embarking on a project to celebrate our school’s resilience.

We spoke with middle school students, and it was amazing to hear about all the different silver linings they discovered. There were obvious ones like family time, getting a new pet, and getting
to take up new hobbies. There were less obvious ones like sleeping in, having more free time, and expediting the process of weaving technology into our everyday learning and moving away
from pen and paper learning. Hearing this feedback was inspiring but being able to clearly see all the good my school has found over the course of the pandemic would be even better. We created a banner that included all the silver linings my school community has discovered during the pandemic and hung it up as a reminder that we can persevere even in the darkest times. We also created a new Student
Government Association website which debuted with a student article about staying positive in the pandemic.

In a bad time, we have our faith, our families, and each other to lean on. I wanted to reassure people that they are feeling what we are all feeling and that we can get through this and when we do, we will come out the other side better than ever. I felt lucky to have the opportunity to give a presentation to the entire school community reminding them that the message “there is a silver lining to every cloud” isn’t just a cliché.

In difficult times, the best thing to do is to look for the bright moments no matter how impossible that feels. Find those things that act as a respite. Find hope. I wanted to reassure people that they
are feeling what we are all feeling and that we can get through this. When we do, we will come out the other side better than ever. Finding a positive during a rough patch in life is incredibly important. It is like our lifeline and keeps us anchored to the truth that better days are coming around and that bad situations do not last forever.

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