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Our STREAM Lab Review by Kindergarten and First Grade

Students have been touring our new STREAM lab for the past week and the buzz is filling the halls of MoN.  Kindergarten and first grade, in particular, had quite a lot to share about their experience and ideas of what we could design with the 3D printer!

What was your favorite part about your trip to the STREAM lab?

”Seeing the black 3D frog that was made on the printer!”

”Everything was just awesome.”

”I was amazed by the magic trick the teacher did with the tables. He moved them up and down with one hand!”

”My favorite part was the guitar on the wall.”

”There were these cool jars with rubber bands on them.”

”We built a marble maze in the lab. It was very high and the marble went into a cup.”

I made something! I put a rubber band on a cup and then moved a car across it like a road. I put marbles in the cup too so it was heavy."


What are some objects we could design and print on our new 3D printer?

A giant bridge with different levels. We can use legos to build it and then have cars drive on top of it."

"A snake robot or a robotic dog. Maybe a cheetah!”

”A ball that we can play with.”

”Shape stencils that we can leave in the lab for other kids to use when they draw.” 


Our teachers are just as excited to plan hands-on activities for their students and open new doors for learning:

 “I look forward to seeing my kindergarten students imaginations take off as they have the opportunity to create and build. I love watching their creativity and all the social aspects that come into play with communication as they work together.”

-Mrs. McGregor (K-2)


“The STREAM lab is an amazing place to learn more about your students.  Within minutes of watching my students in the lab I could see several types of learners:

Students who were physical learners I could see under the table watching a ball bounce on the ground (I noticed seven of my students learning this way). If the students who were learners through logical and auditory modes, those students were completely focused on the teacher speaking (there were four of these students). The students captivated by visual learning were studying the white board ideas and were locked for minutes looking at the student ideas written on the whiteboard (there were five of these students) and finally the students that are verbal learners were talking about everything in the room.”

-Mrs. Ryba (1-1)

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