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Alumni Spotlight: Fouad Ayoub (Class of 2017)

Fouad Ayoub is currently a junior at St. John’s, and throughout his three years on Team 4456, his consistent display of leadership, creativity, and dedication to FIRST lead us to believe that he is an excellent candidate for the Dean’s List Award. Fouad excels both in school and in his extracurriculars, but his motivation is not purely to achieve high marks and success in and out of the classroom. Although he has taken twelve honors and AP level courses and maintained a 4.5 weighted GPA on a 4.0 scale since his freshman year, Fouad has a genuine passion for learning and a strong desire to better himself in all aspects of his life. His expertise is not limited to his academics or his role on the Mech Cadets. He also chooses to participate in a number of additional extracurriculars. Fouad is actively involved and holds leadership positions in the St. John’s Rugby Team, Cadet Corps Program, and De La Salle Scholars Program. Additionally, he took initiative this year and established a new E-Sports club to bring together students with a shared love for gaming. Since his freshman year, Fouad has been a prominent member of Team 4456, even alongside the more experienced veterans, proving himself to be an integral factor to our success. He fully embodies the core values of FIRST Robotics. His impact on the team can be seen through his inclusion of both current and potential teammates. He shares his experiences of being on a robotics team and the benefits which this entails, and has recruited a number of students to the Mech Cadets by promoting the principles of FIRST and STEM at our school’s open houses and club fairs. Not only is Fouad eager to spread robotics to the community, but he also is dedicated to developing positive relationships within Team 4456, so that everyone feels welcomed and supported by camaraderie and a fun atmosphere. In addition to helping newer teammates feel comfortable, he is open to pursuing his own creative ideas and taking action to make them a reality. Fouad, sparked by an interest in FIRST, has quickly developed his technical expertise and made his own personal discoveries, not restricting himself to a single sub-team on the Mech Cadets. By joining Team 4456 with an open mind, Fouad’s curiosity led him to experiment with various departments. He quickly joined our programming, mechanical, and CAD teams, and even helped with pit crew since his freshman year. While much of his programming and mechanical skills were gained by learning from others, Fouad’s knowledge of CAD is largely self-taught, and he has been the driving force in this department's growth. The combination of these cross-disciplinary skills has transformed Fouad into an innovative and quick-thinking member of the team. When we face technical difficulties during the build season or in the pit, he quickly analyzes the problem and is the first to suggest inventive solutions. It is clear that Fouad’s talent for problem-solving and devotion to STEM will continue as he accomplishes great achievements in this field in the future. While at St. John’s, Fouad has been awarded the Sergeant Major Vincent Fisher Scholarship Certificate for excellence in education and leadership, the Superior Cadet Award, and has been inducted into both the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica and the National Honors Society. During the last few years, Fouad has shown time and again that his hard work and dedication has led him to success in all aspects of life. With a consistently positive attitude and calm composure even in tense situations, he motivates and inspires his teammates to be their best selves. His exemplary work in various sub-teams influences others to expand their horizons and try new things rather than fixating on a single task. Over the past three years, Fouad has proven himself an exceptional candidate for the Dean’s List Award, through his numerous achievements, demonstrated leadership, and dedicated initiative, both on Team 4456 and in his everyday life.

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